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Sammy Sosa
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Full Name Samuel Peralta Sosa
Nickname (s) Sammy or Slammin’ Sammy
Profession (s) Baseball Player

Physical Stats and More

Height (approx.) in centimetres: 182 cm
in meters: 1.82 m
in feet inches: 6 ft.
Weight (approx.) in kilogram: 104 kg
in pounds: 230 pounds
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black
Body Type Athletic

Personal Information

Date Of Birth November 12, 1968
Day of Birth Tuesday
Age 50 years
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Place Of Birth San Pedro de Marcoris
Nationality Dominican Republic
Complexion Black
Signature Image result for sammy sosa signature

Family Information

Father Juan Bautista Montero
Mother Lucrecia Sosa
Wives Sonia Rodríguez
Children Keysha, Kenia, Sammy Jr., Michael, Kalexy, and Rolando
Position Right fielder
Drafted by Texas Rangers (Free Agent)
Jersey Number 17 (1989 Rangers), 25 (1989-1991 White Sox), 21 (1992-present Cubs and Orioles)
Bats Right
Throws Right
MLB debut June 16, 1989, for the Texas Rangers
Last MLB appearance September 29, 2007, for the Texas Rangers
MLB statistics Batting average: .273

Hits: 2,408

Home runs: 609

Runs batted in: 1,667

Teams Texas Rangers (1989)

Chicago White Sox (1989–1991)

Chicago Cubs (1992–2004)

Baltimore Orioles (2005)

Texas Rangers (2007)

Awards and Honours 1995: The Silver Slugger Award (National League)

1996: Player of the Month Award

1998: Baseball Digest Player of the Year Award

1998: Commissioner’s Historic Achievement Award

1998: Most Valuable Player Award

1998: Player of the Month Award

1998: Players Choice Outstanding Player of the Year Award

1998: Roberto Clemente Award

1998: Sporting News Major League Player of the Year Award

1998: Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year Award

1998: The Silver Slugger Award (National League)

1999: Hank Aaron Award

1999: Man of the Year Award

1999: Player of the Month Award

1999: The Silver Slugger Award (National League)

2000: Player of the Month Award

2000: The Silver Slugger Award (National League)

2001: Player of the Month Award

2001: The Silver Slugger Award (National League)

2002: The Silver Slugger Award (National League)

2003: Player of the Week Award

Money Factor

Salary (Till now) 1989 $68,000
1990 $100,000
1991 $150,000
1992 $180,000
1993 $745,000
1994 $2,950,000
1995 $4,300,000
1996 $4,750,000
1997 $5,500,000
1998 $8,325,000
1999 $9,000,000
2000 $11,000,000
2001 $12,500,000
2002 $15,000,000
2003 $16,000,000
2004 $16,000,000
2005 $17,000,000
2007 $500,000
1989 $68,000
1990 $100,000
Total worth $70 Million
Sammy Sosa from Quotes
  • “At first I thought sixty-one was something special. The sixty-one was something that reminded me of Mark (McGwire). He hit sixty-one and sixty-two against us. Then I got sixty-two. It was something unbelievable. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I couldn’t believe what was happening.”
  • “Everyone knows that what happened to me is great, but on the other side, I care about winning. I care about the team and the situation right now.”
  • “He (Roberto Clemente) is a hero to me.”
  • “I can’t do it every day. They’re not going to give me much to hit right now. They’re pitching me real well. If I get there, fine.”
  • “I know a little about Hack (Wilson) because his picture is next to my locker. I am lucky to be there at the right time. People will now remember two guys, Hack Wilson and myself, and the season is not over yet.”
  • “I’m not even thinking about passing (Mark) McGwire. The season will be over September twenty-seventh. Mark (McGwire) will go home, and I will go to the playoffs.”
  • “I’m not thinking about that, but I’m not going to lie to you – I’m having a good time.”
  • “I’m real happy my name is in the record book, but it means nothing because we lost.”
  • “I’m seeing the ball well. I’m not trying for home runs. I’m trying to hit to right field more. When I do that, the home run comes.”
  • “I said to myself I’ve got to go up there and do it because the New York Mets keep winning every day. The game was on the line and I wanted to go out there and come through for my team. That win tonight means a lot for us.”
  • “It’s going to be unbelievable, you know. There’s going to be a lot of people cheering for Mark McGwire and me. And, hey, we’ll see how it goes.”
  • “I’ve always swung the same way. The difference is when I swing and miss, people say, ‘He’s swinging for the fences.’ But when I swing and make contact people say, ‘That’s a nice swing.’ But there’s no difference, it’s the same swing.”
  • “I would like to have another month like that. It was a pretty good month.”
  • “Mark (McGwire) is the man.”
  • “Mark McGwire is thirty-four years old. I’m twenty-nine. He’s probably a little bit tired and I’m just having some fun.”
  • “Mark (McGwire), you know I love you. It’s been unbelievable. I wish you could be here with me today. I know you are watching me and I know you have the same feelings for me as I have for you in my heart.”
  • “My situation is different from Mark’s (McGwire). I’m not looking for home runs, I’m looking for the playoffs.”
  • “Right now what’s in my mind is going up there and being disciplined. I was swinging at so many pitches out of the strike zone, and when you do that, you’re not going to get a chance to hit strikes. It makes it easier for the pitcher every time I do that.”
  • “To tell the truth, I never think about a homer. I’m just thinking of the situation and what I’ve got to do when I go to the plate.”
  • “When you’re in the middle of a pennant race, you can’t go up there thinking about home runs.”
  • “Yeah, I’m surprised that I’m here right now. I have to say everyone was looking at (Mark) McGwire and Griffey, but you never know in baseball.”
  • “You have to enjoy it. It is not going to happen every year, so this is the year that it is happening and we have got to go out there and enjoy it.”
  • “You never know what can happen. We both have a lot of chances to break it. I’m not thinking about breaking it.”
Quotes About Sammy Sosa
  • “He had great talent, he could hit and run and throw. He was a little raw and undisciplined. He would swing at anything, but you could see he was going to be terrific.” – Bobby Valentine
  • “He’s beyond description. I don’t know the right words to describe how great a season he’s had. You say MVP type season, but I don’t know if that’s enough to describe it.” – Mark Grace
  • “He’s not missing mistakes. That’s the big thing for all good hitters: Mark (McGwire), (Ken) Griffey and those guys. They don’t swing at bad balls and they hammer mistakes. They make you pay for every mistake and that’s what Sammy’s (Sosa) doing.” – Mark Parent
  • “I didn’t think he hit the ball that hard. The ball just kept going.” – Rafael Roque
  • “I just hope Sammy (Sosa) gets the attention he deserves. Not only has he hit sixty-two homers, but he has carried us. He is, without doubt, the MVP of the National League.” – Mark Grace
  • “It hurts me to say this because I’ve pulled for my man as hard as I can, but I think (Sammy) Sosa is the MVP. He has had a great year and the Cubs are in the hunt with a week to go in the season. I think that tips it to (Sammy) Sosa.” – Tony La Russa
  • “It’s a privilege to be able to watch these two classy guys go at it like that.” – Tony La Russa
  • “It’s incredible to be able to do what Sammy (Sosa) and Mark (McGwire) are doing. They are kind of feeding off each other. I’ve got to root for Sammy (Sosa), when he hits home runs we’re going to win.” – Gary Gaetti
  • “It’s the most excitement we’ve had in baseball in a long time. The two guys going against each other and the entire country is interested.” – Ozzie Smith
  • “Sammy (Sosa) has good years every year. This is just an extraordinary year.” – Jim Riggleman
  • “Sammy’s (Sosa) a September player, so you have to watch out for him. It’s crunch time, time to make history.” – Mark McGwire
  • “The only real mistake I made was throwing a pitch up and away to (Sammy) Sosa. Normally he tries to pull a ball like that. Today he went with the pitch.” – Marc Valdes
  • “These guys are amazing. To watch them with all the pressure that’s on them, to hit a home run every time. It’s really something.” – Billy Wagner
  • “We’ve been riding Sammy (Sosa) the whole time and Sammy’s just been terrific.” – Mark Grace
  • “What he and I have been doing is fantastic. What we’ve done nobody in the game has done for thirty-seven years. I’m pretty happy with the way things have been going.” – Mark McGwire
  • “Wouldn’t it be great if we just ended up tied? I think it would be beautiful.” – Mark McGwire


Lesser known facts about Sammy Sosa

    • The real name of Sammy Sosa was Samuel Kelvin Peralta Sosa, a name very few people know since he was quite famous by his professional playing game name.
    • Sammy Sosa was born in a very small community, named the Batey community, settled in the small province of the San Padro de Macoris in the Dominican Republic, a small country on the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean region.
    • Sammy Sosa was commonly called by his nickname “Mikey” by his closed ones such as family and close friends. This nickname and his real name both were given to him by his grandmother who loved him dearly.
    • As a child, he idolized Roberto Clemente, the legendary baseball player of the Pittsburgh Pirates who played 18 seasons of the Major League Baseball.
    • The early life of Sammy Sosa was spent mostly in the Dominican Republic. But not much is known to anybody about the greater details of his early professional career. He only came into the limelight once he started off with the Major League Baseball.

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    • From his early life, he was very interested in baseball and also wished to pursue it professionally as a career.
    • The major break of Sammy Sosa’s career came when he got into Texas Rangers with whom he made his Major League Baseball debut in the year 1989.
    • Sammy Sosa used to wear a uniform with the number 17 and initially served as a left fielder, role in which he could not perform very well for his team and thereby was replaced within one year.
    • Sammy Sosa was traded off from the Texas Rangers to the Chicago White Sox within one year because of his unnoticed presence in the team, but he did not lose hope with this initial setback in his career.
    • In the years 1990 and 1991, Sammy Sosa initially performed very well for the Chicago White Sox team and batted with a good average and scored good home runs, runs batted in and triples. However, by the end of the year, his performance declined thereby leading to another trade-off from Chicago White Sox to this time to his future team the Chicago Clubs.
    • Sammy Sosa was initially disappointed with himself for not being able to perform up to his own expectations but who knew that the future was holding only good for him ahead. After being traded off to the Chicago Clubs, he remained there for the major part of his professional career and performed amazingly and earned himself great name and fame as a player.

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    • Sammy Sosa joined the Chicago Clubs in 1992 and improved greatly as a hitter. From 1992-1996, he greatly improved his batting average and scored some great numbers as runs batted in and home runs and he came to be known for his power and speed during hitting.
    • In 1995, Sammy Sosa played his first All-Star team. He became to be known as one of the most powerful and high-speed right fielder and hitter present in any of the teams.
    • Gradually progressing came one of the greatest years in the professional career of Sammy Sosa, the 1998 season, in which he came into the most home runs chase with Mark McGrory of the Oakland Athletics. Initially, he was leading significantly ahead of him for many months of the season but eventually ended up in a tie. It was during this exciting run chase that he earned the nickname of “Slamming Sammy” which became quite a popular name for him at that time.
    • The 1998 season was probably the best time of Sammy Sosa’s career when he peaked his batting average and slugging percentage. His performance in the 1998 Major League Baseball season is even till today touted as one of the most offensive outbursts in the history of Major League Baseball events.
    • Sammy Sosa even won the National League Most Valuable Player of the Year Award for his performance in the 1998 Major League Baseball season and also won the Sportsman of the Year award in 1998 (by the sports magazine Sports Illustrated) along with Mark McGrive. The other honors he received that year included the ticker-tape parade in the New York City and invitations to the State of the Union Address by the then US President Bill Clinton.
    • In 2001, Sammy Sosa became the only player in the history of baseball to have scored 60 home runs in three Major League Baseball seasons.
    • In his career, Sammy Sosa won many awards and set up many records for the Chicago Clubs and for this reason he was also awarded the ‘Silver Slugger Award’ in 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002.
    • In 2003, Sammy Sosa got an injury on his toe for which he had to get his toenail removed and because of this reason, he could not play on the field for some time.
    • In 2003, Sammy Sosa found himself stuck in a controversy when he was thrown out of the team because one of the umpires of a game insisted investigation on his for having used corked bats to play well in the games. The Major League Baseball association carried out the investigation but found him clean. It was later found that he only used a corked bat in one of the practice matches, that too by mistake, and for that, he publicly apologized to the association and his fans. But he still was suspended for seven games.
    • In 2004, he got severe back spasms causing pain in his back, for which he again could not play on the field for a long time. During this time, he was dropped from the Chicago Clubs team.
    • After recovering from his back pain, Sammy Sosa played for one year with the Baltimore Orioles from 2005 to 2006 and for two years with the Texas Rangers (again, his first team) from 2007 to 2009.
    • In 2009, Sammy Sosa announced his retirement with a desire to be honored in the Hall of Fame seeing his excellent field record.
    • In 2009, there was a controversy related to Sammy Sosa’s use of performance-enhancing agents in the games of 2003 while he was still active on the field. This was stated by The New York Times according to a leaked list of players’ names who used such substances including steroids. However, Sammy Sosa clearly declined using any of these agents ever in his life.
    • Sammy Sosa was clearly disappointed in his interviews regarding not receiving a place in the Hall of Fame due to low voting percentages.
    • Sammy Sosa has six children with his wife, Sonia Rodrigues (who was a famous dancer on TV shows as a child artist in the Dominican Republic), named Kenia, Keysha, Sammy Jr., Kalexy, Michael and Rolando.
    • Sammy Sosa has been happily married to his wife for 14 years whom he married in 2004.

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    • In 2009, Sammy Sosa made a TV appearance on a music award show.


Ques. How much is Sammy Sosa worth?

Ans. Sammy Sosa Net Worth as of 2019: $70 Million.

Mr. Sosa has an impressive $70 million waiting for him in the bank. In November 2013, he bought a $7.6 million oceanfront home in North Miami Beach.

Ques. What is Sammy Sosa’s Personality?

Ans. Sammy Sosa is a peacemaker by nature. Because he intuitively knows what people want, or feel, he can be extremely diplomatic and tactful. Patient and cooperative that he is, Sammy works well with groups and somehow finds a way of creating harmony among diverse opinions.

Ques. What year did Sammy Sosa Play?

Ans. At age 14, using a mitt made from a milk carton, he began playing organized baseball, and in 1985 he signed with the Texas Rangers. In 1989 he made his professional debut but was soon traded to the Chicago White Sox. After struggling at the plate, Sosa was sent across town to the Chicago Cubs in 1992.

Ques. How tall is Sammy Sosa?

Ans. 1.83 m

Ques. What year did Sammy Sosa retire?

Ans. Sammy Sosa retired on 2007

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