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Full Name Severiano Ballesteros Sota
Nickname (s) Seve
Profession (s) Golf Player

Personal Information

Date of Birth 9 April 1957
Day of Birth Tuesday
Place of Birth Pedrena, Cantabria, Spain
Nationality Spain
Height 6 ft (1.83 m)
Died May 7, 2011
Spouse Carmen Botin O’Shea


Turned Professional 1974
Professional Wins 91

Money Factor

Billy Casper Income / Salary:

  • CAREER EARNINGS – 1,840,357
  • Estimated Net Worth – $4 million

Lesser known Facts About Seve Ballesteros:

Early Life

Seve Ballesteros Early Life

  • Severiano Ballesteros Sota was born in the village of Pedreña, Cantabria, Spain, on 9 April 1957 and was the youngest of five sons. He learned golf at a very tender age of seven using a cut-down 3-iron.
  • Ballesteros was born and raised in a golfing family were his three brothers were great at golfing and an uncle, Ramon Sota had the feat of finishing 6th at the 1965 Masters. Turning 13, he started winning events and shooting 65.
  • He became a golf pro when he was just 16 years old and later in 1974, he even bagged the Spanish Professionals Championship.
  • Another great victory tasted by Ballesteros was on his European Tour when he won five times and also got the money title. He pulled four shots against Arnold Palmer in the Lancome Trophy. Then he also defeated Johnny Miller at the British Open and finished before settling for second.

Professional Wins

Professional Wins Seve Ballesteros

  • He had a remarkably successful spell in 1978 when he won six consecutive weeks on three different continents. His first win in the string of five victories came in 1979, at the British Open.
  • He won the Masters but was disqualified from the 1980 U.S. Open when he was late for his tee time.
  • Ballesteros was also a part of controversies. In 1981, he was ousted from the European Ryder Cup team for playing too much in America. He also had tiffs with U.S. PGA Tour regarding his playing commitments because Seve wanted to play part-time in America; the Tour said all-or-nothing — led to Ballesteros remaining in Europe full-time.
  • During the 198s, he ruled the European Tour and also made his first big wins in the Ryder Cup in that decade.
  • His final win on the European Tour was in 1995 at the Spanish Masters. After that, Ballesteros played sporadically and made a halt at his flair of competitive golf around 2003. Later, he only played on the Champions Tour in 2007 before announcing his retirement.
  • In his recording breaking Ryder Cup, made a 20-12-5 record. He teamed up with Spaniard Jode Maria Olazabal to play the foursomes and fourballs and the pair was called the “Spanish Armada”. This team became the most successful pairing in Ryder Cup history compiling 11-2-2. Their 12 points earned is double the points of the next-most successful Ryder Cup pairing.
  • The most important win of Ryder Cup happened in 1987 when he defeated the USA at Jack Nicklaus’ Muirfield Village Golf Club.
  • He captained Team Europe in 1997. Under his aegis, the team emerged victorious when Ryder Cup was played at Valderrama in Spain, the first time it was played in Continental Europe.


  • In 2008 Ballesteros was diagnosed with a brain tumor as a result of which he had to undergo several long surgeries. Multiple surgeries and treatment continued in the following but Ballesteros succumbed to cancer and its effects and died on May 7, 2011, at age 54.

Other Unknown Facts of Seve Ballesteros

  • In 2000, Seve Trophy was introduced to the world of golf in a Ryder Cup-style event. In this tournament, teams representing Continental Europe and Great Britain/Ireland contested against each other. The trophy has a miniature figure of Ballesteros. The Seve Trophy has been eight times, the last one being played in 2013.
  • Ballesteros was the leader in the final round of the 1986 Masters before he hit into the water on the 15th hole and was ultimately passed by Jack Nicklaus’ famous charge. Seve finished fourth.
  • His 50 wins is a record-breaking success for most victories on the European Tour with Bernhard Langer coming on the second position with 42.

Seve Ballesteros Quotes

Seve Ballesteros quotes

  • “I look into eyes, shake their hand, pat their back, and wish them luck, but I am thinking, I am going to bury you.”
  • “To give yourself the best possible chance of playing to your potential, you must prepare for every eventuality. That means practice.”
  • “I’d like to see the fairways narrower. Then everybody would have to play from the rough, not just me.”
  • “I miss. I miss. I miss. I make.”
  • “If you ever feel sorry for somebody on a golf course, you better go home. If you don’t kill them, they’ll kill you.”
  • “For everything in life, there is always a beginning and an end. This is the tough part the most difficult thing when you see that it’s coming: The end.”
  • “They say I get into too many bunkers. But is no problem. I am the best bunker player.”
  • “The point is that it doesn’t matter if you look like a beast before or after the hit, as long as you look like a beauty at the moment of impact.”
  • “A detailed analysis of his four-putt at the 1986 Masters: I miss the putt. I miss the putt. I miss the putt. I make.”
  • “Everything was fine until I walked on to the first tee!”
  • “I don’t want people to watch the way I dress. I want people to watch the way I play.”
  • “Every time a fellow golfer gives me a piece of advice, I have thought about it. A different thing is that this advice can be introduced into my golfing routine.”
  • “I do not trust doctors. They are like golfers. Everyone has a different answer to your problems.”
  • “The only time I talk on the golf course is to my caddie. And then only to complain when he gives me the wrong club.”
  • “I always put without a glove but I have no idea why – I saw others doing it and copied them.”
  • “As a player and captain, these are unforgettable moments where you are competing for your teammates, your country and for the people of your continent.”
  • My intention is to compete until I’m 54. So if I join the Champions Tour, it will only be for four years – no more than that. I’m in the golf course design business. This is my future. I’d rather go to a place where there is nothing and design a golf course. This will be a good legacy for me to leave.”
  • “Just to come back is fantastic, … The back is fine and tomorrow I hope to have a better start and score well.”
  • “I don’t see any players who really impress me from either side of the Atlantic, to be honest. There are a lot of players with great talent and a great future ahead. But impress me? I don’t get impressed that easily.”
  • “The point is that it doesn’t matter if you look like a beast before or after the hit, as long as you look like a beauty at the moment of impact.”
  • “To give yourself the best possible chance of playing to your potential, you must prepare for every eventuality. That means practice.”
  • “In the United States, I’m lucky; in Europe, I’m good.”
  • “Everything was fine until I walked on to the first tee!”
  • “I am really very happy with the final score today. It has been a great two days of competition and the European Team played fantastically. The Asian team also showed a tremendous game. On this occasion, we had a little more luck, but at the end of the day golf is the real champion.”
  • “The problem was the first three holes. I didn’t feel comfortable and was a bit tense. That made the rest of the day difficult, but I played well on the back nine.”
  • “He was totally illogical. I had to fight through his personality to get him to do what I wanted him to do. I could never just tell him what to do. I always had to make him think everything was his idea. I’d manipulate him until he’d suggest something and I would immediately agree.”

Awards and Honours:

1. PGA Tour Victories (9)

  • 1978 Greater Greensboro Open
  • 1979 The Open Championship
  • 1980 Masters Tournament
  • 1983 Masters Tournament, Manufacturers Hanover Westchester Classic
  • 1984 The Open Championship
  • 1985 USF&G Classic
  • 1988 Manufacturers Hanover Westchester Classic, The Open Championship

2. International Victories (77)

  • 1974 Spanish National Championship for Under 25s
  • 1974 Vizcaya Open
  • 1975 Spanish National Championship for Under 25s
  • 1976 Dutch Open [Eur]
  • 1976 Donald Swaelens Memorial
  • 1976 Cataluna Championship
  • 1976 Tenerife Championship
  • 1976 Lancome Trophy
  • 1977 France Open [Eur]
  • 1977 International Golf Championship [Eur]
  • 1977 Otago Charity Classic [NZ]
  • 1977 Braun International Golf
  • 1977 Swiss Open [Eur]
  • 1977 Japan Open [Jpn]
  • 1977 Dunlop Phoenix [Jpn]
  • 1978 Martini International [Eur]
  • 1978 German Open
  • 1978 Kenya Open
  • 1978 Spanish National for Under 25s
  • 1978 Scandinavian Enterprise Open [Eur],
  • 1978 Japan Open [Jpn]
  • 1978 Swiss Open [Eur]
  • 1979 Lada English Golf Classic [Eur]
  • 1979 Prat Open
  • 1980 Madrid Open [Eur]
  • 1980 Martini International [Eur]
  • 1980 Dutch Open [Eur]
  • 1981 Scandinavian Enterprise Open [Eur]
  • 1981 Dunlop Phoenix [Jpn]
  • 1981 Suntory World Match Play Championship
  • 1981 Spanish Open [Eur]
  • 1981 Australian PGA Championship [Aus]
  • 1982 Madrid Open [Eur]
  • 1982 San Remo Masters
  • 1982 Suntory World Match Play Championship
  • 1982 France Open [Eur]
  • 1983 Sun Alliance PGA Championship [Eur]
  • 1983 Irish Open [Eur]
  • 1983 Lancome Trophy [Eur]
  • 1983 Million Dollar Challenge [SAf]
  • 1984 Irish Open [Eur]
  • 1984 France Open [Eur]
  • 1984 Sanyo Open [Eur]
  • 1984 Spanish Open [Eur]
  • 1984 Suntory World Match Play Championship
  • 1984 Million Dollar Challenge [SAf]
  • 1985 Spanish Championship
  • 1985 Suntory World Match Play Championship
  • 1985 Championship of Spain-Codorniu
  • 1986 Dunhill British Masters
  • 1986 Irish Open [Eur]
  • 1986 Monte Carlo Open [Eur]
  • 1986 France Open [Eur]
  • 1986 Dutch Open [Eur]
  • 1986 Lancome Trophy [Eur]
  • 1987 Suze Open [Eur]
  • 1988 Mallorca Open de Baleares [Eur]
  • 1988 APG Larios
  • 1988 Championship of Spain for Professionals
  • 1988 Scandinavian Enterprise Open [Eur]
  • 1988 German Open [Eur]
  • 1988 APG Larios
  • 1988 Lancome Trophy [Eur]
  • 1988 Taiheiyo Masters [Jpn]
  • 1989 Cepsa Madrid Open [Eur]
  • 1989 Grand Prix of Europe Matchplay Championship [Eur]
  • 1989 European Masters Swiss Open [Eur]
  • 1990 Renault Open de Baleares [Eur]
  • 1991 The Crowns [Jpn]
  • 1991 Toyota World Match Play Championship
  • 1991 Volvo PGA Championship [Eur]
  • 1991 British Masters [Eur]
  • 1992 Dubai Desert Classic [Eur]
  • 1992 Turespana Open de Baleares [Eur]
  • 1994 Benson & Hedges International Open [Eur]
  • 1994 German Masters [Eur]
  • 1995 Spanish Open [Eur]

3. Additional Victories (4)

  • 1976 World Cup [with Manuel Pinero]
  • 1977 World Cup of Golf [with Antonio Garrido]
  • 1992 Fifth Centenary Cup
  • 1995 Tournament Perrier of Paris [with Jose Maria Olazabal]

Honors for Seve Ballesteros

  • Member, World Golf Hall of Fame
  • Named European Player of the Century in 2000
  • Named Spanish Sportsman of the Century in 2000
  • European Tour Player of the Year, 1985, 1988, 1991
  • European Tour money leader, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1986, 1988, 1991
  • Member, Europe Ryder Cup team, 1979, 1983, 1985, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1995
  • Captain, European team, 1997 Ryder Cup

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